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Le Petit Bar Monaco - Traditional seasonal cooking

Traditional seasonal cooking

With its new Chef, the Petit Bar reinvents itself while remaining faithful to its traditional roots

A new menu
a breath of fresh air

A new alliance of Character on “Le Rocher”, John Contente integrates Chef Alain Moreale into the Petit Bar. A cuisine characterized as traditional cuisine revisited, combining innovation and artisanal know-how...

Alain Moreale Seasonal

Petit Bar Monaco - Alain MOREALE - Chef

aiming to be lighter,
a true seasonal cuisine

His passion for aromas and herbs is reflected in each of his dishes. He shares Le Petit bar's passion for the art of delighting the taste buds and offering unique and authentic flavors.

Chef's Chalkboard

His journey is punctuated by a variety of experiences, having had the privilege of working alongside several renowned chefs across different countries. He defines his cuisine as traditional with an international touch.

For him, cooking is much more than a job: it is a deep passion, an integral part of his being.

Its refined dishes are characterized by revisited traditional cuisine, combining innovation and artisanal know-how.

''Le Petit Bar de Monaco is much more than just a family restaurant; it is a unique culinary experience, imbued with a warm atmosphere.''

Bistro of Character

The Slate of the Petit Bar is made up of flavors from the French terroirs. Sophisticated seasonal cuisine, “homemade” taste and wines from here & elsewhere …

  • Produits locaux

    Authentic french dishes

    French know-how with character

  • Frais du jour

    Regional products

    Hand-picked products carefully selected

  • Wines and craft beer

    Wines from here
    & elsewhere

    Selection of grape varieties and local craft beers

  • Fait maison

    The taste
    of homemade

    All our dishes and desserts are made on site


delivery service

in the evening from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

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Petit Bar de Monaco - French bistrot & Restaurant - Traveller's choice 2020
Traditional seasonal cooking | Le Petit Bar de Monaco 🇲🇨
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Our Chalkboard

Our ''Homemade'' menu composed of fresh products is constantly being updated

Les entrées
  • Salade de homard, avocat, mangue & sauce citronnée à l'aneth

    26.00 €
  • Beignets de fleurs de courgettes avec sauce yoghurt

    15.00 €
  • Carpaccio de loup de mer

    20.00 €
  • Terrine de campagne

    16.00 €
  • oeuf & poireaux façon mimosa, vinaigrette moutarde & balsamic

    16.00 €
  • Cuisses se grenouilles frite avec sauce mangue épicé

    22.00 €
Les plats
  • Travers de porc roti avec coleslaw

    26.00 €
  • Filet de boeuf au poivre, pommes de terre aux echallions

    44.00 €
  • Boeuf Bourguignon

    30.00 €
  • Rognons de veau aux champignons & pommes de terre

    27.00 €
  • Daurade au four, ratatouille

    40.00 €
  • Pavé de saumon, brocoli sautée & sauce bernaise

    28.00 €
  • Risotto d'epautre aux langoustines

    30.00 €
Les desserts
  • Assiette de fromage

    9.00 €
  • Feuillette aux noisettes

    12.00 €
  • Mousse au chocolat

    10.00 €
  • Mousse aux framboise, glace framboise

    12.00 €
  • Tiramisu

    10.00 €
Petit Bar Monaco Ville - Cuisine faite maison - Homemade Cooking

''Homemade'', with fresh and local products

Fait maison Today's lunch Friday 19th of July 15.00 €
Petit Bar Monaco Ville - Cuisine faite maison - Homemade Cooking

''Homemade'', with fresh and local products

Opening hours 12pm-2.30pm & 7pm-10pm { Closed Sunday & Monday }
Every day | 9am-11pm Français - English - Italiano

In case of absence, leave us a message, specifying the desired date and time of reservation and we will call you back for confirmation.

Le Petit Bar de Monaco Ville - Congés fin d'année Le Petit Bar de Monaco Ville - Menu du Premier de l'An
Petit Bar Monaco Ville - Cuisine faite maison - Homemade Cooking

''Homemade'', with fresh and local products